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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
I know. I’m probably a little too old to be writing this letter. Humor me.
I know you’re busy with requests from others more deserving than me, but you never know, right? Santa, I have gotten really busy lately. This is really good, but it’s also gotten a bit hectic, not necessarily stressful, but very hectic. I’m thinking an intern might do the trick!
My intern should be a well-rounded student, currently working on a communications, public relations or marketing degree. They need to know how to write, how to speak to a variety of people about a variety of topics, and handle more than one item at a time. They should not only have facebook and twitter accounts, but be able to monitor multiple accounts and understand the business impact that each has. My intern should also have a thick skin. Let’s face it; I’m a bit tough on people. I’m not brutal. I just have high expectations…my clients deserve it.
So Santa, if it’s not too much to ask, could you please bring me an intern for Christmas? Oh, and a new pair of boots!