Media Campaigns

Operation Sweet Treat

ADG worked with the VP of Development to create a unique approach to reaching business groups, while cutting costs on what the typical campaign would cost the organization if mailing lists were purchased and a sent to a broad group. Instead, ADG targeted key businesses within the counties, created a custom package for use at on-site fundraising opportunities and made sure to engage Veterans in the process where applicable. The campaign was extended and incorporated into the annual appeal for Girl Scouts. To find out more:

Bids & Blues

Bids & Blues is the annual fundraising event for Thrive, a Henderson County non-profit focused on assisting adults living with mental illness move from merely surviving to thriving. ADG works with Thrive Board members and staff to develop both an event and fundraising plan that not only increases attendance, but amps up PR around the organization and dollars raised for this valuable organization. In 2013, the organization forged valuable partnerships with donors, sponsors and businesses in the community who are eager to participate again in 2014. For more information:

Speak Out For Kids

Speak Out for Kids 2014 is all about making the lives of youth in Henderson County better and ensuring that all of us can commit to make it happen. Utilizing innovative campaign techniques and conference opportunities, ADG designed both a virtual and live conference, bolstered by a traditional and digital media campaign designed to engage youth and the larger community in addressing gaps in services, understanding community priority areas, and providing opportunities for everyone to plug in and do more. The virtual conference kicks off in February 2014 and the live event is March 1, 2014. For more information:


MountainWise was created to communicate the goals of the CTG project and associated marketing campaign in a manner that listens to and honors the communities in which it works. A storytelling approach is what this marketing campaign is based upon in all formats, including print, television, digital media, billboards, and radio. To find out more: