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Inside Allison Development Group: Meet the Interns

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer at Allison Development Group, and we are thrilled to have our two interns, Katie Holbert and Claire Wilcox, here to help us get through it. We asked them a few questions to learn about their hopes for the summer, and so you could learn a little more about these new faces at our office. What surprised us by their responses was how much you might actually learn about ADG…an inside scoop so to speak.

Claire Wilcox, ADG Intern katie cropped

What do you hope to learn this summer?

Clarie: I hope to learn more about each client’s story and the way ADG helps solve their problems and promote their products. I also hope to learn more about each team members’ role in the company and the techniques and skills they utilize to help produce the finished product.

Katie: I hope to apply everything I learned in the classroom at Converse College into real projects.  I want to further my business education and get a feel for what marketing is and what it entails.

What has surprised you so far about working at ADG?

Claire: I have been so surprised by the closeness of each team member; you would think they’re family. Everyone enjoys each other’s company and has a fun time working together. But above all, I have been surprised at the effect of it. With everyone working together in such a generous and thoughtful attitude, the intricate details of every project are strung together in an efficient and timely manner.

Katie: I really enjoy the work environment at Allison Development Group.  Everyone communicates with one another extremely well and are constantly working as a team.

Missing: ADG Team Member

Hello? Is it me?

I could have said we’re hiring, but that’s just too predictable, right? Instead, I’d like to describe the person who’s missing from our team.

ADG is missing a fun, smart, motivated marketing professional.

The missing ADG team member…

  • has worked in the field for at least three years
  • understands deadlines and their importance not just to the client, but to our business
  • has a sense of humor
  • likes coffee – or at least the smell of it since there’s so much of it flowing in this office
  • works well with others
  • plays well with others
  • has great people skills
  • can make minor design edits, if needed
  • embraces an “all hands on deck” attitude when it comes to working at an agency
  • understands what “integrated marketing” means
  • can write copy
  • can write press releases and pitch emails
  • has an appreciation for good food – we eat a lot of that around here, too
  • would prefer to grow with our company, rather than outgrow it

If you’ve seen this person, let us know. We miss them and really don’t want to go too much longer without them. To make sure it’s the right person, please use this description. It will give you more information before you just start scouring the streets.

When you find the right person (and we hope you do!), please tell them to send their resume to, with Account Services Coordinator in the subject line. If they’re feeling really spunky, tell them to call us. Our number is down below.

Thanks for your help,


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