ADG Honored with Eight Awards from Hermes Creative

Has it really been almost a year since we posted to our blog? Yep, it has! And you know why? Allison Development Group has been exceptionally busy. Busier than busy and we’re happy to say that all of that hard work has paid off.

We have happy clients. And awards.

This should be an awards post and it sort of is, but it’s really about happy clients and in the process, doing great work that we also happen to love. That’s the real pay off. Oh, and we stay in business and grow with some really great people (visit Our Team page to see who’s with us!).

How does Allison Development Group measure success?

Last year was so busy that we didn’t even submit our work for any awards. Shame on us. However, we never really measure our success by the number of awards we receive. In fact, when work is cranking, that’s the last thing on our minds. What is always first and foremost and the thing that makes us have that happy, butterfly feeling in our stomach is knowing that the client is really happy with the work that we’ve done and at the same time, we’re ecstatic about the product we’ve created.

The secret in working with creatives

When you work with a creative group like ours, there are a few things to keep in mind. We don’t do this for the money. We do this because it’s really stinkin’ fun and it allows us to push boundaries, dream up new ideas, and if we’re lucky, turn those ideas into real things that mean something to our clients. That’s why we do what we do. Of course, getting paid helps and keeps us in business and we do just fine there. But for the creative in all of us – and yes, you do have it in you – there’s really nothing harder than going out on a limb, sharing it with someone important to you (could be your mom or your client), and they say, “I’m not getting it.” Shut. Down.

For the creative lifers (that’s us), we actually take that as a challenge and turn it around. Did we listen carefully to the client? Did we present our work in a convincing way, or in a way that conveyed the thought and time we took to create it? Did we take enough thought and time to create it? If we can’t answer with a resounding “yes!” to all of those questions, then we know we didn’t do our job and we didn’t provide value to our clients. We also push ourselves to nail it big time in the second round.

Thankfully, that doesn’t happen too often anymore. We take the time. We dig in and ask questions. We push each other. We also have amazing clients that give us creative license and the space we need to produce outstanding work.

The Awards

Ok, you’re right. We really are excited to have received recognition from Hermes Creative Awards. We are also thrilled to showcase our clients by highlighting their work. Take a moment to read who helped us win these awards and then if you know any of these businesses, let them know how proud you are of them. We sure are.

Platinum – 2 awards

o   Direct Mail Piece for Southeastern Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, a Department of Pardee Hospital

Allison Development Group Southeastern Sports Med and Ortho

o   Nonprofit Sponsorship Overview for Mainstay (now known as Safelight) Sponsorship Opportunities Booklet

Allison Development Group Mainstay Work

Gold – 3 awards

o   Annual Report developed for Children & Family Resource Center


o   Logo for Tippi Mace Design


o   Advertising Campaign for Pardee Urgent Care


Honorable Mention – 3 awards

o   Motion Graphics for Dr. Pete Richards – Waterlase Pain-Free Dentistry (Cinema Slide)

o   Program Guide for NADO – the National Association of Development Organizations and their 2016 Annual Training Conference

o   Specialty Item developed for the launch of Monte’s Sub Shop & Taproom (Sandwich Board)

Interested in winning some great recognition with Allison Development Group? Give us a call at (828) 698-6918 or email us: We would love to help you!

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