Olympia Moto Sports: Lessons in Website Development

When Olympia Moto Sports first came to us, they already had what a lot of companies yearn for: stylish and quality products with a loyal following. What they didn’t have was a website that reflected this. While their old site had served its purpose for the past few years, the look was out of sync with the clean, modern brand that they are today. There was nothing modern or “cool” about it. And let’s be clear, when it comes to their products, OMS is the epitome of modern and cool. While OMS prides themselves on staying ahead of the curve with their motorcycle gear, their website was starting to feel left behind.

Olympia Moto Sports


In addition to modernizing and adding style to the website, the old site just didn’t function the way they wanted, and needed. The dealer locator was clunky, and the product gallery was hard to navigate. Not to mention that a lot of the helpful information customers came looking for was scattered over different pages and buried in long blocks of content. Want to know the best way to wash your new jacket? The information was there, but you had to look for a while.


When it comes to the functionality of the site, specifically the product catalog and the dealer portal, we had some challenges. There may be more than one way to skin a cat, but there are a hundred ways to deliver function to a website. We wanted options that would make life easier for everyone – functionality that made it easy for OMS to update and change products in the future, and for potential customers to find the information they needed.


It became clear early on that it was critical for the owners of OMS to be involved and up to date at all times. While some clients prefer to fade into the background and only view the site once it’s nearing completion, OMS was not that client. They had their own specific vision for the website and how it should work for their customers, and thankfully, they wanted to stay involved throughout the process. We had weekly meetings where often we would present the latest version of a dealer portal or product gallery that we had fallen in love with, only to have them point out that it was missing something of importance for their clients. We would hear comments like this: “Sure, that dealer portal looks great, but you can’t search by zip code. So now if a customer is riding across the desert and wants to check out our products, but doesn’t have a specific address because he’s in the middle of nowhere, what do they do?” It probably goes without saying that the scenario of a customer looking for products on his phone in the middle of the desert wasn’t one we had considered before.

The biggest lesson we learned is that while we may know communication and web design, the client knows their business. If the website doesn’t work for that business – and especially their clients – then it doesn’t work. Period.

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After a few rounds of meeting where we analyzed the different functions for the website, we arrived at solutions that made everyone happy. Olympia Moto Sports’ products are displayed in a visually appealing and easy to navigate gallery, with complete information on each product, including videos and links to other helpful information.The new FAQ page features a variety of helpful information that has been condensed and organized, so it is easy to navigate and customers can find what they need to know quickly.The dealer locator offers a visual map that you can use to quickly locate a store near you, and yes, you can search by zip code if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and need some OMS products (assuming the internet is working- there are some things even we can’t fix).

In the end, everyone was a winner with this one. We were given free reign to add a modern style and visual design to the site, and the Olympia Moto Sports brand. The OMS owners (aka “the dream team”) were able to ensure at every step of the way that the website would function in just the way they had envisioned. The best part – the style and function work together perfectly, delivering the best experience for the Olympia Moto Sports fan and customer.

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Bren Murphy
Bren Murphy

Hi Allison Group,
This is a great looking website and you have demonstrated how really close work with the client can bring about a fantastic result.  I am all for communication and feedback at each stage of website construction.

Bren Murphy