Riteway Express: Lessons in Website Development

Riteway Express needed a website designed for an obvious reason: they didn’t have one. At all. You read that right; there are actually successful companies in the year 2014 that have no web presence whatsoever. Not only did they not have a website, but their office, which has been based in hard-copy paper for most of its existence, was beginning to struggle without any kind of digital capability. So they finally admitted what most people have known for years: to do business in the modern world, you’ve got to be online.

Riteway Express

The Goal: Recruit Qualified Candidates in Less Time

As an established shipping and trucking company, Riteway wasn’t concerned with a flashy site, packed with information and custom graphics. What they needed was a functional website that allowed potential employees to download an application that could be filled out on their computers, and a complete staff list with contact information listed, so employees and applicants could easily find the person they were looking for.

The Challenge(for ADG): Listen Carefully to Deliver Accurately

I’ll be honest, the most challenging aspect on this project was scaling our own selves back. Living and breathing websites every day, our initial reaction is always to go above and beyond. Let’s face it, we want to deliver kick butt sites that wow the client and surpass expectations. We realized that this ADG goal is not always shared by the client. In our first design of the site, we included a video loop on the homepage, stylish truck photos throughout the eight pages of the site, and placeholders for staff photos that we planned on taking in the future.

However, after the first client review, we realized we may have overshot the mark in our eagerness to deliver a hip, modern design. Sure the video was cool, but from our client’s perspective, they worried it didn’t convey the right message about their company. The photos were beautiful, but the trucks we picked didn’t match those driven by Riteway Express. And they made it very clear that staff photos were not their cup of tea; names and contact info would suffice.

The End Result: A Highly Functional Website

After that, we once again revisited what the client really wanted, focused in on what was necessary, and what would bring results to Riteway. Their main goal was to improve the application process for potential drivers, so we re-designed the application and process. Potential Riteway drivers can now complete the form online, save it and email it in for review. To get right to the point, we provided direct links to the application packet on the homepage, as well as the page titled, “Join Our Team,” which included step-by-step instructions on how to apply. We simplified the visuals, and scaled back the number of pages to a mere 5 for easier navigation. And, we made sure everyone’s contact information was easy to find. Did it work? We got our answer when Riteway Express emailed us a few weeks later:

We were able to hire our first driver with our new website application in 1 week!! That’s amazingly fast! 🙂 Just wanted to pass along!!!

Lesson Learned: Sometimes Less Really is More

…and going above and beyond doesn’t always have to mean doing more than you promised. Another big lesson for us all: listenin to what the client needs and deliver the best work possible.

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