Going Beyond No to Have you thought about…?

I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve read in the past 24 hours outlining the importance of not hiring “yes men” or in my case, women. The posts continually point to the intrinsic value of having that outside marketing or PR pro who has the hutzpah to say no when the client is really looking for a yes. All good stuff, but come on. Let’s push a little further than that, shall we?

Beyond the No

Saying no isn’t necessarily the hard part. Nor is it where the client might suddenly think, “Wow! I’m really getting my money’s worth here. She just told me no!” No, the real return on the investment comes when your PR or marketing pro says “have you thought about…?” and offers a well thought out, reasoned overview of what you, the client, might have missed in your zeal to launch the next big thing, or send out that press release within seconds of something happening.

Or, not so much what you missed, but what might enhance your current big idea or how it might be vulnerable to outside attack. In other words, your PR pro just might be thinking beyond the basics and yes, refraining from being a yes gal, and instead becoming a proactive, thinking member of your team.

THAT’s what you should be paying us to do…to THINK and to reason and to offer such sound reasoning with humility, respect and the wisdom that comes from doing a job well and having herself heard the phrase…”have you thought about this…?” a time or two.

Happy thinking out there!

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