Maximizing Your Time Online

I’m back! This time, as part of my pop up series “Short on Time. Big on Ideas.” I took the advice of the lovely Michelle Quillin of New England Multimedia and shot a video on the go! Don’t let the driving while shooting scare you. I was extremely safe!

As I was on my way to an appointment in nearby Asheville, NC (Beer City, USA), I took the opportunity to share some of my thoughts in response to a post Jayme Soulati wrote last week, in response to the conversation she and I had regarding my absence from blogging. I know. That was a mouth full. Follow the link and you’ll see what I mean. It all makes sense and for me, I felt like there was an important point to be made for many a blogger and small business owner out there.

Skip the Movie and grab the Cliff Notes 

For those of us who are not blogging round the clock, or in the case of many business owners, simply do not have the time to do it all, all of the time, I offer you the following thoughts:

  • first and foremost, make sure you have something online that you own (not Facebook, or Twitter, but a WEBSITE);
  • if you can’t spend time blogging, then spend time online where you will find the most bang (clients or leads) for your online buck (time);
  • make sure your clients are there with you;
  • if your clients aren’t there with you, make sure people who can refer you to the clients are there; and finally,
  • be consistent in your portrayal of your company culture or brand – for me, that was more important than the consistency in posts or time spent online!

After you watch the video, do stop by and offer your thoughts. What’s helped or hurt your business as a result of the time you spend online?

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