Two Questions Every PR or Marketing Pro Should Ask New Clients

Hope you like my beachy postcard post today! Even though the content is actually quite serious, the setting and set up are rather relaxed.  I think there might even be a bit of ocean spray on the lens!

So, what are those two questions? No, one of them is not “when do I get paid?” The two questions that every PR or Marketing Pro should be asking new clients are really quite simple, yet vitally important to success. As you, the client, embark upon a new relationship or new project with either a marketing or PR firm, or the blend of the two as we are here at ADG, make sure you are asked these two questions:

1. What is your goal for this project?

2. How will we measure success?

See, pretty simple questions aren’t they? I should really stop saying simple. They are strategic questions that if not answered will result in haphazard marketing and PR efforts, with ‘hopeful’ results.

What’s the big deal?

I wrote and shot this post because when I ask those questions of my clients, I can immediately see that they are NOT accustomed to being asked those questions, nor have they thoroughly thought through the answers. Sure, they think about business goals and measurements, but marketing and PR? Rarely.

Truth be told, the second part, thinking through the answers, doesn’t bother me much. We, the client and I, can do that together. We can determine how to tie marketing and PR goals into business goals and then go about determining appropriate measures for sucess.

It’s the first part, not being asked the questions, that astounds me more.

Why aren’t we, the consultants, asking these questions of our clients? Is it because we’re not sure how to address the answers? Are we unable to be strategic in our efforts in order to track with and support business goals? If that’s the case. Stop. Rethink. Retool.

Get smart and start asking the strategic questions. You’ll be amazed by the strategic results!

If you missed the video in your reader, here’s your link.

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