Business Smacks Down Klout

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. When I’m not as active online or commenting like I used to, it’s likely because business calls.   Lately, and thankfully, business has been calling a LOT.  That’s been my goal all along, right?  Growing my business by having sustainable clients and accounts…sounds good to me.

When I’m not able to visit or chat as much, I’m eternally grateful to the folks who still visit my blog and who treat me as if I’ve never left when I finally show up at their place.  They have my back and they know what matters most.

Turns out, Klout does not.  Klout is a fickle beast that only cares about my constant attention to their business and the apparent neglect of my own.  The more attention I give to Twitter and the more I yak it up on Facebook and Google +, the more Klout rewards me.

The more attention I give my clients and the more I yak it up with them about their issues, the less Klout rewards me.  Klout will even point out when my score drops and encourage me to share more content and engage more.  I’ve dropped three points in the last few weeks and coincidentally, picked up three new clients. Hmm…interesting.

Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Don’t get me wrong.  I know for a fact that I’ve gotten clients from my time and efforts online, but it’s because of the experience gained and the demonstrated knowledge shown by my blog posts and my interactions on other blogs.  I have not gotten business from my Klout score.  My clients, as far as I can tell, are not looking at that number.

My clients work with me because of my experience, my ability to deliver results, and my understanding of their needs. Thankfully, they do not care one whit about my Klout score.  I’m beginning to wonder now why I ever did.

Let me have it. Should I worry? Am I off base? How has Klout affected your business or delivery of clients?

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