Social Media Fatigue or Summertime Blues?

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ve likely noticed a LOT of posts about social media fatigue in the blogosphere.  There’s the addition of Google +, the inundation of blog posts via Triberr, the need to keep building your momentum in order to keep your Klout score up, and before you know it, you’re left with a general feeling of “man, I’m tired!”

Don’t show me one more thing! I’m going offline for the entire weekend!!!

Most of you, myself included, have read right along and nodded your head in agreement.  I want you to reconsider for a moment.  Ask yourself “Am I really suffering from social media fatigue?” Or, is it merely just a case of the summertime blues?  BNET Contributor Kimberly Weisul recently wrote an article asking if we are less productive in the summer.  

Think about it…whether you’re a parent with kids out of school, or a single gal in the city, summer presents a unique set of circumstances for us.

The shorter work week – everyone you talk to this summer is taking an early Friday or has a summer schedule of NO Fridays at all.   It could be you, your husband or wife, your client, or your colleagues.  That makes for a great long weekend, but a really intense, shorter work week where you try to stuff as much in as you can.

It’s so NICE outside  – let’s face it, heat waves aside, there’s nothing like summertime weather to make you want to go play a little hooky.  Tennis, anyone? The idea of enjoying all that the weather has to offer can sometimes lead to, well, doing just that.  Nothing wrong with that in my book – a little Vitamin D is in order.

Vacation! This is THE time of year when people take a little R&R.  There’s the long weekend trip to the coast, the full week to visit family, or the longer time off to regroup and recharge.  Everyone has their “time” and it’s time to use it!

Family – kids, spouses, parents, cousins, sisters and brothers…they all want you to visit or take some time off to play.  If you have kids, you know the special love-hate relationship you have with summer each year.  The age old dilemma of what to do with the kids while you work and while they are out of school never really seems to go away.  It only gets more challenging and does its level best to steal some of your work hours each week.

When push comes to shove…

With all of these extra distractions coming at you during this short time of year, and your regular work expectations not really changing to suit the circumstances, guess what might not make the cut? Your social media time.

If you’ve become a regular in this online world and value the relationships and the experiential learning you get here, dropping your social media time or cutting it back severely may actually stress you out.  That stress over missing something as you juggle the summertime schedule can lead to the feelings described by so many lately.

It’s a Seasonal Thing

I ask you to consider this.  Are you really experiencing social media fatigue? Or, is this more a symptom of a busy summer, a season that we’re all in together.  As with all seasons, it will pass and when it does, I can safely say, our social media fatigue will be but a distant memory.

What do you think? Is it really social media fatigue or is it just a symptom of the summertime blues?


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