Adding Value to Your Communication Strategy: My Friday Vlog

Has it been a long time, or what? Yes, it has and there’s a reason.  I haven’t had anything of value to say!!

Add Value or Stay Home

I can’t stand it when I’m bombarded with messages that provide no value to me whatsoever. I know why they’re doing it; they being the marketers, the PR professionals, the business owners…they want to make sure that I don’t forget them.  They are working on creating that Top of Mind Awareness that’s so fickle, elusive and darn hard to achieve on a limited budget.  

But you know what, sometimes, it’s best to wait until you have something to say that adds value to my day, than to be all “out there” and in my face so that I won’t forget you.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: I won’t forget you; in fact, I’ll ignore you.  And so will a bunch of other folks.

I asked a Facebook survey question this week re: frequency of email marketing.  I asked “How much is too much when it comes to email marketing?”  I was blown away by the responses and the great level of engagement shown in that one simple act of asking a question.  If you’d like to also respond to my survey, just follow this link and do it!  Then come back.

Watch the Video!

So as not to give away the whole ending before you’ve watched the movie...I’ll let you see for yourself and then ask that you come on back here and let me know what YOU think! (Editor’s Note: I have no idea why my video looks so elongated; my apologies!)

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