Small Business Marketing Moment: Get “LynxTo” Your Customers!

Good Friday to you all! Today’s Small Business Marketing Moment is an invitation to a Facebook Party, hosted by friend and colleague, Drew Hannush of Hannush Web.  He’s introducing an AWESOME new app for small business owners, non-profits, and Chambers that will virtually connect you to your target markets, customers and clients in a quick, easy super helpful way!

Not to let the Cat Out of the Bag…

Drew doesn’t want me to give away too much info until the launch party, but suffice it to say, you’ll have the tools you need right in the palm of your hand! If you understand mobile marketing is where you need to be; that your clients’ smart phone may be your best vehicle for communication; and, want a semi-custom look without the super custom price, then you need to log in to Facebook on Monday, July 25, 7pm EST to find out about LynxTo – AND to enter to win an IPod Touch.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to do this promotion.  I will test the app for Drew, but have not yet done so. 

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