#NicheAmnesty Day: Odds & Ends About @ericamallison

Stacey Herbert issued an interesting challenge to Bloggers last week over at DIY Blogger.net. She suggested we all shut the heck up about the usual stuff we talk about and dig a little deeper into who we are and share that with the world.  Give up our Niche talk and just hang out: a #nicheamnesty day.

Do I Know You?

She was really posing the question of do our online friends matter as much as our offline friends and for me, nudging me to ponder how well I really know my online friends. I have to say, I’ve come to know a few of them really well, ahem, Jayme Soulati, Jenn Whinnem and Laura Click, because I met them in real life at Social Slam earlier this spring.  

That begs the question:  must we meet in real life to be really good friends? I say “not always.”  I think it certainly helps, but I also think friendships can develop over time and ‘over the screens’ that do make a difference in our lives, that enhance our outlook on life, and for whom we would mourn if we were to ever lose those relationships.

Blah, blah, blah

However, that’s not the reason we’re here today.  I’m supposed to share a little bit with you about myself and not talk the usual stuff.  That’s a little hard for me because I do feel like I share a lot about myself with you via my blog posts (if you’re paying attention), so to go farther, well, that’s just crazy talk.  But, I’ll play along anyway!


Did You Know?

  • I grew up on a farm in rural, Eastern NC?  I played in tobacco barns, had picnics in Combines and Tractors, and built forts in the swamps and woods around the farm.
  • I am insanely ambitious when it comes to work and my career, but also insanely driven to be the best mom possible.  The result: a crazy life.
  • I adore going to movies…any movie.  I’m there.  Now that my son is of a more appropriate age, the possibilities are endless.
  • I worry over whether or not children (all children) are well-taken care of.
  • I worry that I’m not teaching my kids the best lessons in life, the ones that equip them to be awesome adults with self-confidence, character, compassion and a zest for living.
  • I love to watch people in the world and come up with their “story”.  It drives my husband crazy, but it’s good fun.  My dad does it too.
  • If you go out to eat with me, I’ll offer to share my food and expect the same of you.  My husband is just now getting used to this, fluctuating between giving in and staking his claim to what’s on his plate.
  • I really miss my friends who have passed away.
  • I stay connected to these long lost friends, and to new ones, via music.  Songs can make me think of a person instantly.  I associate certain tunes with certain people.
  • My Spotify playlists make me very happy.  I think Spotify is quite possibly the most social platform out there.  Viewing my online friends’ playlists really gives me insight into their personality and what makes them tick.  I think I’ve gotten to know @theJackB on a whole new level as a result of his playlists!  I would bet mine surprise people, too.
  • That picture at the top of the page is LOVE for me.  It is the day we brought home little Livi and I’m still astounded at the sweetness of my son as he looked on.  (Livi turned 3 yesterday.)

I think that’s enough blah, blah, blah about me.  Let me know something new about you in the comments.  And, if you’re on Spotify, here are a few of my playlists to give you just a wee bit more insight.

“Makes Me Smile” (a whopper at 3 hrs in length – good for making dinner or working through the day)

“Guilty Pleasures” (an hour long list of music that gets me pumped and that might surprise you about me)

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