Get Your Blog On, People!

I often read blog posts throughout the week that seemingly are unrelated, but give me great joy.  Sometimes, I read blog posts that are related, but don’t really ring any bells at all.  This past week, I read blog posts that were ALL related and they ALL were Zingers.

The blog posts were telling me (and I guess you, too) how to ‘get your blog on’.

Do a little dance...

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Translation: how to get into the blog Zen zone and just go for it…write like you’ve never written before, for all the right reasons, and with the best results.

I’ll admit, my blogging has felt more like work than fun on some days…er, nights.  It’s also been for reasons other than personal satisfaction… some strategically motivated posts that fell flat or landed in the wrong zone all together.  And if I’m completely candid, the results were disappointing—when I applied myself in those ways.

Thank goodness for the posts this past week! They read like a ‘Best Of’ list of bloggers…and they should.  These folks are all awesome at what they do and give me inspiration (whether they know it or not) on a regular basis.  I’ve linked to their Twitter accounts and blogs so you can follow them and get to know them as I have.  To get you started, here is my list and reasons why they all inspire me to ‘get my blog on.’

  1. Mark W. Schaefer suggests: Improve your Blog.  Stop Writing for an Audience. If we focus too much on a formula for an audience that we don’t even have yet (note to self: let the audience find you), we really won’t get what we’re shooting for.  It’s only when we focus on writing for ourselves and what makes us tick, that the outcome improves.
  2. Michael Schechter, in his guest post on SpinSucks, explained Why I Lost Readers in 2010 (I only started blogging in the last few months, but it still applies). Artfully poking fun at himself, yet at the same time, highlighting what any number of us has been guilty of doing, he makes us laugh, makes his content memorable and relatable, and puts all at ease (at his expense).  My lesson: It’s good to evaluate what works and what doesn’t and it’s also good to not take yourself or your blog too seriously.
  3. Also a guest poster on Spin Sucks (technically more than a week ago, but very relevant to my point here) Ingrid Abboud asked the question: How Long is Too Long. She’s of course referring to blog posts.  I would have to say, mine are not long enough…or are they? According to ‘Griddy’ and the 165 comments found in response to her guest post on SpinSucks, I’d have to say that size really does not matter.  500 or less (fittingly, she goes WAY over that limit in this post) or 1500 or more matters ONLY as long as the content is true, I get my point across, and I connect with the audience/readers.  Biggest take away for me? Loosen Up! Who cares if your post is a little long…make sure it makes sense, is funny (I’m nothing if not witty), and sparks some conversations.
  4. And finally, if I were to have a Blogging Snow Day as suggested by Joey Strawn, then I would break into poetry or break out of my pattern.  I’d make my posts longer.  Inject some craziness into them.  Change ‘em up.  Get personal.  Relax.  Have Fun.  All sage advice from His Awesomeness.  But will I follow it?   Will You?

Hang in there with me to see how I apply all of the above to my future blog posts.  And let me know what you do to ‘Get Your Blog On’.

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