Best Laid Plans…

Yesterday’s very energetic discourse surrounding Gini Dietrich’s take on Chris Brogan’s blog post on ‘bigger ear marketing’ was a great launching point for my post today.  It started with a post about an experiment using location based services, twitter searches and engaging a potential customer/client to sell a book and ended with why that may or may not be an appropriate strategy.  It caused quite a ruckus.  For me, it raised the question of who or what determines which strategies are the best for your situation.   And, should these new strategies be applied exactly as proposed or tweaked depending on the situation?  Short answer, determine appropriateness based on your situation and apply accordingly.  Wandering prose follows…

In this scenario, a #3 AdAge Power Blogger had a little fun with his social media and suggested others experiment with it.  Was his approach meant for everyone? No.  What would happen if massive numbers of people started implementing it?  Would that be devastating?  In the grand scheme of things, no, it would not be devastating.  The BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf was devastating.  Implementing a lighthearted, albeit inefficient, use of social media to build buzz around a book is not devastating.  At most, it will result in a corporate or small business client trying it out – in their own way – and having mediocre results, or if they’re lucky, fantastic results.

I’m glad that so many out there care about the proper use of social media tools.  I just don’t want to get so caught up in the debate that I forget to utilize the tools to best suit my needs and those of my clients.  Just like there’s no manual for raising a baby that applies to ALL babies, there’s no one case study that can apply to ALL situations in business and life.

Fortunately, all the strategy and planning in the world sometimes can’t trump human curiosity and a desire to try something new.  Thankfully, that’s what builds small business and what motivates entrepreneurs.

And let’s face it.  Isn’t that what we’re all doing here?

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